Your Committed and Professionally Accredited Home Watch Team

Home watch services differ, so helping you choose the right service is what we are here to do. Southern Hospitality Home Watch and Home Services provides unique services from other home watch providers, however many companies offer many of the same types of services.  Here are a few questions that some of our clients have asked when they are trying to choose the best home watch provider:

Q. What is the difference between what Southern Hospitality Home Watch and Home Services provides and other competitors?

A. Southern Hospitality Home Watch and Home Services has decades of experience in the areas of Construction, Property Management and Customer Service. Our knowledge is our greatest asset of why our service is exceptional and why you know you are trusting the right professionals to care for your home.

Q. What happens if there becomes a problem with pests or any other type of intrusion?

A. We will be checking all areas of your home. Though an exterior inspection may not allow for visible intrusions, most times, signs of pests or other intrusions such as water, are visible inside the home. We will call the vendor of your choice or an approved-by-you vendor, to come and take care of the situation. We will be in contact with those vendors to make sure that their service is complete!

Q. How can a home watch service save me money?

A. By contracting Southern Hospitality Home Watch and Home Services, we will be regularly visiting your home. Therefore, if there is a plumbing leak or any type of issues that could be potentially destructive and exorbitantly expensive, we would be able to catch it long before you do. Minimizing cost and destruction are just a few of the reasons for our business.